PwC's State and Local Government Practice

At a time of increasing demand and diminishing resources, PwC helps State and Local governments connect citizens with government, support investment initiatives, and increase efficiency to promote long term economic, environmental, social, and cultural prosperity. Our services include:

Economic Development

PwC works with cities, states, and other public sector organizations to better understand the impact of their decisions on economic development. We support efforts to engage stakeholders, to assess opportunities, and to drive action to promote economic growth and sustainable development. Our expertise covers growth strategy, urban planning, statistical and economic modeling, transaction services, and government operations, and is complemented by our broad experience with private sector investors and industries. We seek opportunities to help public sector leaders drive growth, generate employment opportunities, and to realize sustained economic development.


PwC supports local government efforts to promote sustainability, and to integrate sustainable development concepts into their broader operations. We focus on sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement (specifically business), cost efficiency, and measurement and reporting initiatives. As with all of our offerings, we take lessons from our commercial experience, and translate them into practical insights for our local, state, regional, and multi-national clients. We work collaboratively with public sector organizations to realize short-term and long-term benefits from sustainability initiatives.


Changing demographics, innovation in care and management, cost pressures, and legislative change are challenging public sector entities at all levels of government, with little sign of relief. PwC's State and Local Health Practice serves public-sector agencies tasked with managing care for millions of citizens, including paying, providing, measuring, and regulating health care. Our core offerings include regulatory and policy analysis, business process reengineering, health IT systems design, and strategic program management.


PwC's Public Utilities Practice offers broad-based strategy, planning, and implementation advice to utilities that receive public funds, including large power, water, and energy companies. Our expertise ranges from funding models, to program management for large scale capital improvement projects, to funding and shared services models. We seek utility clients who are looking to maximize the quality of their project and service delivery.


PwC has a broad range of experience working with public transportation organizations, working collaboratively to re-think service delivery models, plan for future investments, and deliver on the promise of technology and innovation. We offer general strategy, analytical, and program management services, as well as specific support in key areas: transportation payments, asset management, customer engagement, capital improvements, technology management, and operational efficiency.

Fiscal Management

The budget environment for state and local entities continues to worsen, with on-going pressure for infrastructure investment, pension funding, wage increases, and service improvements. Our fiscal management work considers the wide-reaching financial implications of State and Local government decision-making, and includes expenditure analysis, revenue analysis, investment optimization, sourcing strategies, and public-private partnership structuring.

Program Management

Program management is at the core of PwC's approach to value delivery for State and Local governments. Without a strategic approach to managing projects across agencies and organizations, the returns on these strategic investments - both in hard dollar and broader social terms - will not be realized. We work with state and local government clients to manage their most critical initiatives, combining analytical rigor with a practical, flexible management style and extensive public sector experience. Our service model is flexible, and covers a range of functional areas, including program management, project management, quality assurance, vendor management, procurement management, and program management competency design. We are proud to say that time and time again, when PwC works collaboratively with clients to drive projects, you see their initiatives delivered on time, on budget, and on scope.


Over the last several decades, technology has helped organizations improve their products and services, realize significant efficiency gains, and improve interactions with customers. PwC helps State and Local governments understand how to get the most of their technology assets, ensure organizational and technology goals are aligned, and plan for future technology investments. We have extensive experience in helping organizations address enterprise architecture planning needs, develop focused technology strategies, conduct transparent technology selections, execute technology organizational improvements, deliver technology projects successfully, evaluate information security, and ensure business continuity management.

Operations and Organization

State and Local Governments have developed into large and complex operations, often spanning large geographic areas. This reflects the reality of the constituent base that they serve, but need not result in confusion for staff, leaders, or constituents. Our practice brings the best thinking from the private and public sector to the service of our clients, helping them run efficient operations, align operations with organizational goals, and execute on operational improvements. Our experience includes supply chain optimization, customer contact operations, maintenance, asset management, payment processing, and administrative functions.

The workforce of a typical state or local government also reflects the complexity and variety in the population they serve. Attempts to address the complex needs of constituent groups, while enforcing compliance and demonstrating efficiency, in many cases have led to large, complex, matrix organizations - which are often left understaffed due to budget pressures. PwC works with public sector clients to understand staffing needs, to design more effective organizations, and to manage organizational change. We also provide specialized shared services, talent management, and compensation planning services.


Based on our extensive experience across State and Local Government organizations, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with strategic advice across all aspects of the organization. We work with clients to understand desired outcomes along with the organizational mission, vision, and high level goals - and translate these goals into tangible strategic plans and specific actions. Through executive working sessions, extensive benchmarking, organizational analysis, and performance management, we work with public sector organizations to build strategies, plan for execution, and evaluate progress.

Selected Experience:

A Major Housing Authority’s Strategic Vision and Business Architecture

PwC worked with the nation’s largest public housing authority to develop a 5-year strategic vision and roadmap for the agency. As part of its plan to preserve public housing, the agency wanted to rethink its relationship with its customers and develop ways to become a more customer-centric agency. The public housing authority was undergoing implementing a large agency-wide CRM (customer relationship management) system and wanted to ensure its organization and processes were aligned.

Project Impact and Outcomes

The PwC team worked with the client to:

  • Hold executive-level workshops to ensure alignment around the agency’s mission, vision, and goals around customer service
  • Develop key performance metrics to ensure the agency would meet their goals in the timelines they set out
  • Mapped out the processes in which the agency interacted with customers and determined areas to improve
  • Recommended an organizational change to develop a front-office (customer-facing) and back-office model
  • Developed a 5-year roadmap to help guide the agency to achieving its improved customer service and efficiency goals

A Major City’s Public Transit Authority PMO

A major city public transit authority turned to PwC to launch and manage a Program Management Office (PMO) responsible for managing their multi-million dollar technology project portfolio. The client has embarked on the largest systems implementation project in its history to update and streamline systems and business processes in the Financial, Purchasing, and Human Resources areas. The client acknowledged the risk associated with a program of this size and the need for objective project oversight and management assistance to achieve the business objectives envisioned by the project. Specific goals included reducing the time required to close the financial books, improving inventory turns, streamlining the payroll process, improving paycheck accuracy, reducing absenteeism and time to hire.

Project Impact and Outcomes

  • PwC developed the project management infrastructure necessary to mitigate project execution risk and provide clarity around goals (milestones), required tasks, task ownership, and issues
  • Over the course of the project, PwC played an important role in managing the vendor by reviewing and making recommendations regarding work plans, scope change requests, design documents and other project deliverables
  • PwC team members helped manage inter-project dependencies by providing a communication conduit between ERP and other system implementations