Safeguarding personally identifiable information in the Federal Government

Safeguarding personally identifiable information in the federal government
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Well publicized actual and potential disclosures of US citizens’ personally identifiable information (PII) by the federal government and its employees have resulted in heightened scrutiny of agency information security and privacy programs.

The Administration, Congress, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Government Accountability Office (GAO), Offices of Inspector Generals (OIGs), the press and the US public are all paying increasing attention to the federal government’s collection and use of PII.Safeguarding PII is a major undertaking that requires measures beyond basic compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Protecting PII calls for wide-spread collaboration across agencies and a consistent approach. It also requires stewards of PII to understand and fulfill their responsibilities to protect such information. The Federal Government collects information and maintains records on virtually everyone to better serve and protect the citizens and non-citizens (e.g. legal permanent residents and visitors) of the US.

This information is associated with every point at which the federal government touches the life of any citizen and non-citizen, and generally PII. Due to the volume, nature and sensitivity of PII, the federal government must exercise great vigilance to adequately safeguard this information.