Shared Services: Addressing risks and achieving intended outcomes

August 2013
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Shared Services: Addressing risks and achieving intended outcomes

At a glance

The success, durability, reputation and value of a federal agency can be positively influenced by the consistent achievement of shared service objectives and outcomes. In an environment where accountability for success is heightened, requirements are more complex and regulatory pressures—such as compliance and security—are escalating, achieving system implementation outcomes and satisfying stakeholders has become increasingly important and challenging.

Federal agencies are challenged with cost effective system implementations and shared service migrations that are expected to efficiently deliver strategic and tactical benefits without compromising the integrity of the existing environment or violating compliance requirements. Successful delivery of shared services can significantly impact an organization’s efficiency and reputation. With such high risks, management can benefit from gaining comfort that their implementations will achieve their intended results. PwC can help you manage these risks and deliver a successful project.