Ensuring the best healthcare for our military and their families

Our military deserves an EHR that is:

  • Interoperable
  • Low risk and cost effective
  • Completely secure

A New Era for Military Care

Our national security depends on the readiness of our military, which in turn depends on healthy military families. Ensuring health readiness has been a priority of the U.S. Department of Defense, particularly given the extended deployments of the last decade and the increasing security challenges facing our nation and our armed forces. To revolutionize the Defense Health System, the Secretary of Defense has directed the procurement of a new program that will modernize all facets of defense health IT, the centerpiece of which is a new Electronic Health Record (EHR). This record can remain with the service member from his or her first day in uniform through retirement.

Why PwC’s Open Source Solution

From day one, this system must be fully interoperable with the Veterans Health Administration and with private sector doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. It must be adaptable to the wide variety of needs of the millions of service members, retirees, and their families. PwC's unique and innovative open source approach provides the innovation, security, adaptability, and interoperability to meet the needs of defense health agencies.

Health Services Strategic Capabilities

Clinical Care Transformation

PwC supports agencies in shifting to an integrated system of care to help you drive greater cooperation among care givers, and better outcomes with less risk of losing reimbursement.

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IT Strategy & Big Data

Technology is central to meeting the demands of the newly insured patients and an aging population. PwC can guide agencies with a technology-led strategy that includes EHRs, ERP, analytics, remote patient monitoring, mobility, social media, emerging and predictive care management, and privacy/security.

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Operations/Business Transformation

The ability to improve day-to-day operations may require large-scale, enterprise-wide transformational change. PwC can help standardize, consolidate and automate administrative functions of finance, supply chain, and human capital to give agencies an information advantage, leading to better data, reporting and decision making.

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Change Management

Organizations can develop many different of strategies, processes and technologies, but ultimately the business – and the crux of success – is its people. PwC will help an organization from the technical and organizational issues that shape HR structure and strategy to C-suite initiatives that maximize overall organizational effectiveness.

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Revenue Transformation

PwC helps agencies to streamline revenue and IT processes, increase accuracy, and optimize overall revenue management to prepare for unpredictable changes.

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