Internal Controls Tools Development and Process Improvement Support Services

PwC is currently helping a client develop a web-based internal controls tool for major mitigation programs to improve the standardization, efficiency, and transparency of its internal controls operation and oversight processes. The client will use this internal controls tool to automate and streamline several important oversight workflows, including sample selection, file review, report development, and executive dashboard reporting. By automating this currently manual process, PwC is helping the client realize efficiencies that are expected to result in cost and time savings, and we are also helping the client to achieve compliance with internal controls standards and requirements. The tool will simultaneously provide improved management visibility of workflow management and tracking of the statuses of identified internal controls deficiencies (critical errors). It will also provide the organization’s leadership with the ability to efficiently assess the overall internal controls environment while leveraging their current processes and tools.

To support the technical implementation, our technology-focused consultants are assisting the client with conducting user acceptance testing, developing testing scripts, and managing the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process for new systems. In addition to managing the technical implementation, our team’s human capital consultants are supporting the client with associated change management needs to support the successful implementation and adoption of the new tool. For example, we are developing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents, user guides, and training materials. We are also developing and facilitating role-based training to support individual users. Throughout development of the web-based tool, our team focused on designing technology to meet the client’s business process needs and adding value by identifying process improvement opportunities. Our support has also allowed the client to align their internal controls tools and processes with their overarching strategic objectives.