Prioritize responses. Accelerate decisions.

Enhance process efficiency

Whether it’s entering into new markets, expanding into new partnerships or allocating cost – Risk Command helps you do it faster.

Increase confidence in decisions

Arm yourself with information to better understand what’s happening so you can more accurately weigh your risk appetite against what the data reveals.

Protect company brand and finances

Using machine learning, advanced algorithms and AI, you can prioritize your response to risks effectively.

Promotes strategic alignment, supports your corporate strategy

Reduce impact of threat and remediate issues quickly

Machine learning algorithms prioritize response to risk more effectively.

Strategize for entering new markets

Inform decisions on entering new markets, and identify opportunities within current markets.

Expand into new partnerships and markets confidently

Make well-informed, risk-smart decisions with confidence and speed when beginning or continuing work with third party vendors.

Allocate cost efficiently for more accurate issue resolution

No longer have duplicate and incremental costs of siloed efforts.

Meet the Risk Command team

Still curious how machine learning, advanced analytics and AI can help you proactively protect and guide your corporate strategy with confidence and clarity? Our Risk Command team is ready to show you.

“Through data and digitization, I enable my clients to proactively identify, manage and mitigate compliance risk in order to drive business strategy and get to yes.”

“My team and I help our clients manage the total financial impact of fraud and other risks including reducing costly risk events, the impact of risk-management control on business strategy and the cost of risk-management operations. Risk Command enables insights across these objectives.”

“I help clients by deploying technology to synthesize data clearly and concisely, allowing them to make timely and informed business decisions.”

“Risk Command is a unique technology platform that allows companies the opportunity to make more strategic and insightful decisions rapidly across the life cycle of a multitude of risks which companies encounter.”

Transforming compliance into an asset

PwC helped Microsoft release the power of data analytics to fight corruption in real time using the latest digital technologies available on the Risk Command platform.

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“One step on our journey to digital transformation was to develop an end-to-end analytics solution that risk scores sales transactions to detect anomalies and route them for additional compliance oversight. With Risk Command, we started with post-deal reviews, and are now proactively identifying high-risk deals before entering into them…to help prevent non-compliance before it happens.”

Compliance Officer, Fortune 100 Technology Company

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