Employee financial education and wellness practice

PwC works with you to design and deliver a customized financial wellness program tailored to your employees’ needs.

Employees may be stressed over organizational shifts, market conditions, personal life events, or benefits changes. PwC’s Employee Financial Education and Wellness practice works with clients to design and deliver customized financial wellness programs tailored to employee needs and specific employer objectives. Our goal is to empower employees to make educated decisions to improve their financial wellbeing.

Employees often look to their employer for help navigating the personal financial issues that are part of their changing environment:

  • Greater employee responsibility for retirement, saving, and investing decisions
  • Insufficient retirement savings which impacts retirement readiness
  • Stressful personal situations or life events that distract employees at work (debt, paying for college, preparing for retirement, caring for aging parents)
  • Organizational change such as workforce reductions, voluntary and involuntary early retirement programs, and relocations
  • Benefits changes like retirement plan conversions or 401(k) plan enhancements
  • Lack of knowledge, appreciation, and utilization of employer benefits including retirement plans, insurance, Health Savings Accounts, and legal services plans

What we do

We work with you to design and deliver a customized financial wellness program tailored to your employees’ needs. We educate employee groups about their benefits in the context of personal financial planning including saving, investing, debt management, and planning for the unexpected.

Using personalized assessments, workshops, webcasts, personal coaching, online tools, and targeted communications, we empower employees to help them achieve their goals.

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