PwC is shutting down the firm between Christmas and the new year.  Our gift of guilt-free downtime is more than a great perk—it’s a recognition of the hard work by our partners and staff. Giving our people the chance to relax and recharge helps them deliver at a high level in the new year.  Read how Bob, our partners and staff will be spending their time off during the holidays and then share what you’ll be doing with yours.  #pwctakesabreak


Bob Moritz


It's the season when we celebrate the holidays and reflect back on the year. It's also the time when we say thank you to the people who have enabled our collective and individual success. Our upcoming survey of CEOs tells us that the pace has never been faster and the world has never been more connected. In an environment like this, how do we best celebrate and acknowledge the hard work of the people in our organizations? At PwC, we think we’ve found a gift that will fit our people just right: an extended firm-wide break during the holiday season. Read more.


Carol Sawdye, Vice Chairman and CFO


This holiday, I’m taking a break. I’m helping my 83-year-old mom move across several states to live near me. My family and I made a decision that this was the right thing to do. I'm grateful to have several uninterrupted days to help my mother unpack, find new doctors and service providers and get comfortable in a new town.

I’m proud that PwC recognizes that our ability to deliver top-quality work is actually enhanced when our people get a meaningful break during the holidays. Each of us chooses how to recharge for the coming year, including travel, taking on extracurricular projects or caring for family members, as I will be. PwC’s firm-wide holiday shutdown is another great example of how we all benefit when we think creatively and purposefully about flexibility.

Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak


Shannon Schuyler, Principal, Corporate Responsibility Leader; President of the PwC Charitable Foundation


This holiday, I’m taking a break. I plan to use PwC’s holiday closing to stay in town and do many of the things I never seem to have time for during the rest of the year.

I’m kicking off the holiday season with a major closet control project. I have three brunch dates planned with friends I don’t see often enough, and I am looking forward to making homemade pasta and gnocchi for my family. Balancing out those epicurean enjoyments with daily workouts will be a real luxury for me.

I also plan to use the holiday break to potty train my two-year-old son. I recognize this probably is not anyone’s ideal vacation, but I feel fortunate to have a block of time away from work so that I can focus on this parenting necessity!

My holiday plans will provide me with peace of mind and good times with family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to kick off the New Year with clean closets, great meals, exercise, and no more diapers?

Happy holidays! Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #PwCtakesabreak


Mitch Cohen, Vice Chairman, New York Metro


This holiday, I’m taking a break. I’m not travelling, but both of my kids are (my daughter is off to Miami and my son is heading to Cancun), so my wife and I will devote a portion of our downtime to wondering what they are doing. To distract ourselves, we plan to see as many new movies and old friends as possible.

I’m also headed to Yankee Stadium to watch Penn State, my alma mater, play a bowl game against Boston College. I’m looking forward to a great day with our Penn State friends and the enjoyment of giving our BC friends grief after Penn State’s victory.

Finally, on December 30, my book The Self-Made Billionaire Effect comes out. I’m planning visits to various book stores to make sure copies are nicely displayed and easily obtained. If you are looking for something to do while you take a break, it’s never too late to place an order!

Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #PwCtakesabreak


Amity Millhiser, San Francisco Bay Area Market Managing Partner


This holiday, I’m taking a break. PwC’s holiday closing is an important blessing as it gives me time for reflection, appreciation and to pursue other aspects of myself and interests which ultimately make me a more multifaceted yet focused leader.

In a place like Silicon Valley where the pace is always hectic, PwC's holiday shutdown is a way for my high-achieving team to take time to focus on family, friends and traditions and all that we cherish about the holidays. The diversity of our people and their traditions promote understanding, perspective and gratitude...the ultimate gifts.

Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak.


Terri McClements, Washington Metro Market Managing Partner


This holiday, I’m taking a break, and I’m really looking forward to it! I will devote the first few days of the holiday shutdown to organizing my house so that we are in good shape for the New Year. What I am most excited about, however, is uninterrupted time with my husband, our two children and our friends.

We will spend Christmas Eve at church, and a quiet Christmas Day at home—just the four of us.  On the 26th, we head down to Hilton Head, South Carolina. The winter weather there is unpredictable—ranging from 30 degrees and rainy to 80 degrees and sunny—but we love taking long bike rides and exploring the island during this quieter time of year. I’m thrilled that my biggest challenge during the holiday season will be convincing my seven-year-old daughter that she should stay on the tag along bike with me, instead of riding her own bike for long excursions.

To ensure that partners and staff in PwC’s Washington office take the break seriously, I’ve called an all-hands meeting once we return to the office. First up on the agenda: share a picture or short video  showing how you disconnected and relaxed over the holiday break.

Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak


Tim Ryan, Vice Chairman, Markets, Strategy and Stakeholders Leader


This holiday, I’m taking a break. I have six children, ages six to 15, so my break will be family-focused and high energy. We’re kicking things off a couple days early when two of my children will join me in New York to visit our office, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and very likely, a toy store or two.

We will celebrate Christmas in Boston with our extended family. Then, we’re off to San Diego where my oldest son will participate in the U.S. Navy’s Sea Cadet program. He’ll spend two weeks at boot camp at Camp Pendleton with other high school students. My son found the program himself and this is entirely his initiative. I couldn’t be prouder.

While in San Diego, we will certainly hit the beach. My kids are avid surfers, and I will be watching from the shore, trying to resist the pleas of my 8-year-old daughter to give it a try. We will also visit the San Diego Zoo, which never disappoints.

For me, the holiday season is a time for gratitude. I’m grateful for my wonderful family, for the excellent talent that makes PwC what it is, and for our firm shutdown, which gives us important time to rejuvenate, relax and be with the people we love.

I look forward to seeing everyone back at the office in 2015 with fresh perspectives, ready to tackle exciting challenges and new opportunities. And who knows, I may even be a surfer by then.

Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak


Thomas Montminy, Minneapolis Market Managing Partner


This holiday, I’m taking a break.  I’m heading out of the office a few days early and flying back to Boston with my wife and three children where we will spend Christmas Eve with my wife’s family. In addition to family time, I’m looking forward to festivities in Boston, including a dinner party at a friend’s house with twenty of my college friends and a holiday cocktail party we’ll attend with our children.
Then we are off to Vermont for ten days of skiing.  High points will include spending time with family and close friends, hitting the slopes, sipping wine by the fireplace and throwing a New Year’s Party to ring in 2015.

Unplugging during PwC’s holiday closing is a wonderful benefit that I plan to thoroughly enjoy. Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak


Kathryn Kaminsky, Partner


This holiday, I’m taking a break. I’m looking forward to spending a few fun—though not necessarily relaxing—days at Universal Studios in Los Angeles with my husband and our three boys. Then we are headed home to take it easy. I am based in New York during the week and commute back to my family on the West Coast every weekend, so PwC’s holiday shutdown is the perfect gift for me. Spending eleven uninterrupted days with my family is an excellent way to wind down 2014 and recharge for 2015. It’s great to be part of a firm that prioritizes that downtime.

Happy holidays to all! Join me in sharing how you will take a break. #pwctakesabreak


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Happy Holidays from PwC!


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