The Connected Power & Utilities Model

The Connected Power & Utilities Model

Are you ready for the industry game changers?

As a power utility, the magnitude of the near- and mid-term challenges you face is immense.

Renewable energy is moving into the mainstream. Nuclear energy’s future is hanging in the balance. And the United States is poised to become the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas hydrocarbons. New technologies, new and unforeseen possibilities, and new ways of generating, distributing, storing and using electricity are all creating opportunities — but also disruption.

94% of industry representatives we polled in our 13th Annual Global Power and Utilities CEO Survey told us they expect today’s power utility business model to be either completely transformed or significantly changed by 2030. We anticipate a future with a much wider range of technologies and a significantly reshaped business model.

Becoming your own utility of the future

While few players expect business-as-usual to continue, the industry is split on both the extent and the nature of the transformation ahead. With so much uncertainty, and the stakes so high, the time is right to take a close look at your business model and decide what changes or course corrections you should make to become your ideal “utility of the future.”

This is where PwC’s Connected Power & Utilities Model (CPUM) can help by providing you a holistic view of your business, and a deeper understanding of how — and how well — your core functional areas are working together to achieve your business objectives.

Grounded in our work with power utilities around the globe, CPUM offers you access to the kinds of industry-leading practices that can help you improve operations where it matters most, while maintaining a balanced approach to mitigating risk and managing cost — and, ultimately, supporting safe and reliable energy delivery to your customers.

Here are some of the key features of our Connected Power & Utilities Model:

  • Metrics. Access leading industry KPIs and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your business strategy.
  • Impact assessments and testing. Prelaunch analysis of the potential impact of your key business initiatives, enabling you to make the right adjustments to support your business objective prior to implementation.
  • Tools and templates. Get a head start on business transformation efforts by leveraging the CPUM library of accelerators, toolkits and templates, incorporating the updated industry practices.
  • Compliance. Satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements and maintain accurate corporate records cost-effectively with our SOX responsibility matrices.
  • Enterprise-level knowledge management. Our complete utility process model offers an enterprise-level map to facilitate knowledge capture, transfer, development, and utilization.
  • Technology. Understand the breadth and depth of Oracle, SAP, PowerPlan, Hyperion, Maximo, CIS and BI Platform competencies through our CPUM solution capabilities library.

PwC Power & Utilities

With over 4,ooo industry-focused professionals globally—PwC’s Power & Utilities practice is well placed to help.

We’re strong on lots of things, including technology, people, process, data, governance and strategy. But our big strength is bringing them all together—making sure every project you undertake is connected to the most important goal of all: making your business stronger.

Contact us to learn more about our Connected Power and Utilities Model and how we can help you prepare for industry game changers.