Workforce Planning and Analytics

Talent fit for today

Seventy percent of US CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills – the highest level since 2009. As US companies return to growth and anxiety over skills intensifies, organizations should have a systematic process for identifying workforce needs, developing strategies to meet those requirements and implementing them effectively. It's about being able to look forward and forecast the right talent – at the right capacity – to meet changing demands now and in the long term.

The evolution of workforce planning

Workforce planning has evolved from an annual headcount activity to a strategic, predictive exercise. Companies are now scrutinizing data from various sources and applying predictive analytics in order to anticipate and plan for future needs. This can maximize retention, engagement and productivity. With PwC Saratoga, the world's leading source of workforce measurement, we actively collaborate with you in order to draw insight from workforce data and improve your ROI in human capital. The result: fact-based, future-focused insights on which you can act.


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