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The connected workforce is talking SMAC. Are you ready?

By combining four technologies--social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC)--leading companies are aspiring to become something new: "a connected workforce". To achieve a truly connected workforce, organizations need to do more than simply invest in and install SMAC technologies. The power for the organization lies in the ability of the connected workforce to combine SMAC in new ways that drive insight, spur innovation and create value. The impact can be significant--improving products and services, increasing operational efficiency and providing greater customer and employee engagement.

Top findings: Transform human capital

US CEOs say they have more opportunities to grow than they didthree years ago. For those who have created massive value forcustomers and investors, the path to success was paved not with oldthinking, but new models. They use tech-savvy talent strategies;foster innovation-friendly cultures; value diversity differently;and pair Producers (the ideas people) with Performers (thosewho convert good ideas to good business). To rethink your peopleinvestments, what resets do you need?

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