Operate globally

The pace of global business is accelerating and will continue to grow as multinational corporations seek growth beyond their home markets - but establishing a more global footprint can be a daunting challenge. Businesses should align to new customer needs, reduce overall cost structures, build an aligned, lean, and tax-effective structure, and strengthen local talent. Any business that aspires to expand globally should address all these issues or face operational complexity and missed growth opportunities.


Twice as many CEOs believe the global economy will improve in the next 12 months, compared to those polled last year.


Operations are getting an overhaul. Learn what’s driving US CEOs to push for change.


Nearly one third of CEOs say their main opportunity for growth lies in existing markets, while 14% say the same for new geographic markets.

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A truly international outlook

Companies should connect their business strategy and customer value propositions with new operational models, legal structures, talent, risk management, and tax strategies. By developing a new operational plan, companies can achieve competitive advantage and financial success wherever they take their business around the world.