Realize deal value

Following through to desired results

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be powerful business builders, but a careful strategy does not guarantee success. And it is often improper or incomplete execution, rather than the strategy itself, that undermines deal value. Sound operational planning and management are critical success factors. This requires the ability to connect a multitude of operational processes and performance levers to strategic and financial objectives, then drive the actual changes to get results.


Identifying, valuing, and pursuing R&D and product development should begin during due diligence and be an integral part of the overall integration roadmap.


Forty five percent say aligning operating procedures and business process is one of the most common post-close difficulties.


Seven fundamental tenets provide a successful framework for integration that have been tried and proven time and again.


Value realized from an acquisition depends on how well the newly combined company identifies, manages, and executes on synergy opportunities.


Decisions that are made throughout the M&A deal cycle and integration process impact an organization’s ability to realize financial synergies, operational efficiencies and system effectiveness.

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Successful integration recognizes the importance of getting the fundamentals in place as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions and achieve synergies. But traditional Day One and 100-Day plans are just the start. Operations is also about the relentless follow through to turn the up-front value proposition into true value.

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