Analyzing the revenue and economic impact of legislative proposals

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Government decisions to tax, spend, or regulate can have major consequences on a company’s bottom line. Responding to challenges and opportunities arising from government action often can be as important as responding to competitors in the marketplace.

The National Economics and Statistics (NES) tax policy group analyzes the economic and budgetary consequences of tax policies, as well as the impact of private sector decisions on the economy. By providing tailored reports for non-technical audiences and explaining the methodology and validity of our analyses, NES supplies companies with tools to influence policy, formulate strategic decisions, and effectively communicate with government decision-makers, investors, and consumers.

We can help you with:

  • Revenue estimates
  • Budget estimates
  • Economic impact studies of legislative and regulatory proposals
  • Distributional analysis of proposals by income, class, and region

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Principal, National Economics and Statistics Practice, PwC US
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Drew Lyon
Principal and National Economics and Statistics Leader, PwC US
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