Tech-enabling the modern law department

October 4, 2022
02:00 pm ET

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While far too many manual processes still exist within law departments, it’s generally accepted that technology has to play a significant role in enabling the legal function to operate effectively. But many law departments are stuck in the cycle of buying, implementing, and not fully unlocking the value of the technology or data, with various niche solutions, largely operating in silos. There are often tradeoffs made without robust budgets for technology, and until it becomes outdated or not fit for purpose as your organization evolves.

Please join us for the second webcast of the journey to a modern law practice, where our PwC Legal Business Solutions specialists will discuss how to truly tech-enable the business and discuss some common uses of technology for Legal, such as AI in contracting, more sophisticated ELM software capabilities, and knowledge management.

Jane Allen, Principal, Legal Business Solutions Leader
Tyler Marion, Principal, Legal Business Solutions
Laura Ochoa, Director, Legal Business Solutions
Azeem Choudhury, Director, Legal Business Solutions

Who should attend: General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and C-Suite overlooking Legal Operations

CPE Credit: This does not qualify for CPE

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