How do you transform your supply chain into an intelligent, digital ecosystem?

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Optimizing your supply chain to meet modern customer demands, respond to a regulatory requirement or spot risks before they impact your business takes more than selecting technology and functional excellence. It requires transformation and integration across all of your operations. PwC's Connected Supply Chain solution helps you design and implement a digital, intelligent, fully transparent, end-to-end and interconnected supply chain; creating an opportunity for your business to streamline and gain cost efficiencies whether in an up or down economy.

A new dynamic ecosystem that uses advanced analytics to be more predictive, resilient and responsive.

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Unchain your operations

Siloed functions. Lack of partner visibility. Products that show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The result? Inefficient operations and dissatisfied customers. A traditional linear supply chain creates blind spots, gaps of knowledge and lack of real-time information. Bring down those walls and create a dynamic, adaptive and connected supply chain ecosystem with built-in intelligence and automation—transforming reactive response into confident leadership.

Prepare for tomorrow, today

Capitalize on the revolutionary opportunities created by physical and digital convergence to transform your supply chain.

Leverage digital technologies, such as AI, machine learning and IoT, as well as advanced analytics, to get better results.

Jump start value capture

PwC’s proprietary supply chain analytics platform, SCOOP (Supply Chain Opportunity and Optimization Platform), helps clients identify opportunities to improve operations across the supply chain through rapid data ingestion, advanced analytics and strategic data visualizations to fuel decision making.

Providing rapid insights without sacrificing SKU-level depth of analysis, SCOOP supports ongoing, real-time monitoring of supply chain performance. Using advanced analytics—including machine learning, simulation and optimization—it addresses your complex supply chain challenges and helps identify quick wins using your data.

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PwC's vision for the Connected Supply Chain

Marc Smith, a product planner for XYZ, Inc. has received a notification on his iPhone from the Connected Supply Chain App concerning a sudden spike in demand for his company’s extremely popular fitness tracking wristband.

Upon arriving at work on Monday morning, he logs into the app to see what’s going on, with the hope of mitigating the impact of a potential supply shortage.

Delivering big

We’ve completed over 300 digital operations engagements for leading companies. Learn more by reading some of our client success stories.

With an advanced digital architecture in place, a global industrial manufacturer is soaring

PwC helped the client create a connected enterprise and supply chain capable of delivering the right data to the right place at the right time.

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A big box store is ready for big change with a connected supply chain

The differentiated supply chain can support an estimated 43% increase in revenue over the long term.

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Connected supply chain solution helps a national consumer leader transform the value chain

PwC helped a national consumer goods leader integrate digital strategy and value chain design.

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Get smart and get moving

Connecting your supply chain might seem daunting, but our solution lets you transform through an agile approach that enables you to make small improvements that you can build upon.

You'll gain transparency into customers, suppliers of materials, components and parts, and transporters of supplies and finished goods. At the same time, the solution addresses your biggest asset: your people. It helps you reskill and upskill them to thrive in a new environment where your organization’s performance and productivity are free to soar.

Investments in digital operations pay off

Companies that are actively investing in digital operations and strive to be digital champions expect revenue growth of 25% by 2023 and 21% efficiency gains. This compares to 9% and 7% for companies that are investing in a limited way.

Innovation. Speed to results. Technology enabled.

We have powerful partnerships to help guide your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. We know the nuances and complexities of the supply chain—and have engineered a solution designed to flex and pivot to fit your business.

Enabled by two cloud-based technologies from our alliance partners, our solution is infused with best practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our own experience—helping clients unchain their operations and design a smarter supply chain.

PwC’s Predictable Value approach focuses on demonstrating our clients’ desired business outcomes, highlighting value, speed, focus and agility, closing the gap from ideas to results.

Intelligent Digital drives the Intelligent Enterprise. PwC helps clients leverage the power of integration to support production and cost optimization.

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