There’s a new way to cloud

Capture the limitless possibilities cloud offers.

Change is in the air.

PwC's Cloud Transformation solution helps you use cloud differently. Designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences, our solution drives revenue and streamlines operations — all while managing risk and letting your business stay resilient.

Cloud transformation is about your business,
not just the technology.


What is your biggest organizational opportunity?

We tailor your cloud transformation to help achieve your business goals.

If you’re only focused on IT migration, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to drive value for your business.

Approach cloud differently.

Our solution helps you get the most from the cloud by driving change across people, process and technology - all within the context of a long-term digital vision.

No matter where you start, we work with you to diagnose specific pain points and identify key focus areas. Then we create a tactical journey map that is tailored specifically toward your biggest opportunity areas and business goals.

Take cloud to a new level.

Our combined expertise in business, technology, risk and controls helps power insights into how the cloud can transform your business.

Explore how we help companies navigate
cloud transformation.

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The most successful organizations recognize cloud as a strategic enabler to drive business growth

Cloud considered a high business priority
According to Forrester data, 52% of North American enterprise infrastructure decision-makers believe that adopting public cloud is either a "high" or "critical" future business priority.

Public cloud market growth is high
Forrester forecasts an estimated 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue in the public cloud market through 2020, reaching $236 billion.

Cloud cost not routinely monitored
Despite ample opportunities for managing cloud costs, 39% of North American enterprises do not monitor their cloud bill; 42% do not take steps to optimize workload configurations; and 44% do not use cloud incentives like chargeback, usage caps or expiration date.

Innovation. Speed to results. Powered by the cloud.

Our solution is enabled by strategic alliances with leading cloud providers and infused with best practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our experience helping enterprises capture the opportunities that cloud offers. Let’s make your organization thrive in the cloud.

There’s a new way to cloud.

Ready to make your cloud do more? Start your transformation now to turn cloud potential into performance.

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