Emerging stronger from COVID-19: What US business leaders need to know

What’s top of mind in the C-suite?

Return to growth

Leading companies will continue to focus on a return to growth, with an eye on rebuilding revenue, customer strategies, scenario planning and improving access to capital via deals. About half of CFOs see returns coming in early 2021. They will also invest in data analytics and automation to help spur growth in the next year.

Rebuild Revenue


As we head into 2021, CHROs are leading their organizations on the most pressing issues of the day, from addressing employee safety and upskilling working from home; to tackling complex issues like mental health and racial intolerance. Ensuring wellness, safety and productivity are paramount.

Build the Workforce of the Future

CHROs are expecting challenges across the workforce

Q: Which of the following will be the biggest workforce-related challenges for your company over the next 12 months? (Select up to three.)
Source: PwC US Pulse Survey
November 13, 2020: CHRO base of 108

Digital transformation

This pandemic taught many of us how to blend people and tech seamlessly together. How are you using technology to work more efficiently, securely — in a way that provides greater value to your people and customers?

How PwC products can help you

With more ambitious digital initiatives, businesses are changing cyber strategy and investing more

Source: PwC, Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021,
October 2020: base 3,249

Supply chain

In a world of just-in-time and global manufacturing, many businesses have been caught out by the speed with which COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains. Of pressing concern: How medical supply chains are faring.

Transform your supply chain

Taxes, risk and regulation

Business leaders are anticipating President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign tax proposals, and they’re planning to take action next year. How will you stay compliant with the ever-changing tax, risk and regulatory measures in response to COVID-19- including CARES Act? How can you integrate tactical solutions for long-term vision for the future?

Implications on tax, risk and regulation

Crisis planning

Few companies anticipated that something of this scope and size could happen, and most were not prepared. Many have returned to the workplace and recovery plans are underway. Looking ahead - how can you do better next time?

 PwC's Global Crisis Centre can help

Purpose and ESG

The pandemic presented companies with an opportunity to showcase their purpose — what they stand for, what their values are, and how they took care of their workforce. This connection between business and society will likely continue to grow in 2021 and companies should be ready.

Making sense of ESG

Health Research Institute

What’s next in healthcare — from vaccine updates to the agenda of the new administration?

PwC’s Health Research Institute provides new intelligence and analysis healthcare trends.

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Impact on your industry

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic looks different for each industry.

We’re here to help you address immediate challenges, spark new ideas and anticipate what’s next in your industry.

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