Translating technology trends into growth opportunities

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A U.S.-based multinational technology company set out to understand and prioritize the technology trends that will most impact its business over the next five years.


Client challenge

Identify the technology trends most likely to affect its business over the next five years by:

  • Analyzing how current trends may impact its industry and create new opportunities. 
  • Understanding how these opportunities may require changes to corporate strategy and product portfolio.
  • Preparing a strategy to respond to the impact of these trends on the market.


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PwC’s solution

Use insights into technologies and technology trends, strategic perspectives, and data analysis by:

  • Assembling a diverse global team of advisors and industry specialists to identify and focus on the key client-relevant trends. 
  • Developing client-specific insights using quantitative market research across industries, filtered against deep knowledge of the client’s business and capabilities.
  • Identifying five immediately actionable opportunities and formulating strategies to address each.

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Impact on client’s business

The C-Suite and Board got an objective perspective on trends and their implications.

  • The analysis enabled the CEO, executives, and Board to make smart and strategic decisions for their five-year vision of the company.
  • Identified new growth areas and approaches to capture near-term benefits. 
  • Established a new systematic process that company leaders can use to drive their annual strategy refresh.


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"With technology markets changing and the “next big thing” just over the horizon, being ahead of the game with a list of ways to play is just smart business"

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