Empowering consumers through product transparency

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A global retailer sought to respond to increasing consumer demands to know more about what’s in their food and where it’s from, to enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty.  

Client’s Challenge

Our client needed a better understanding its customer demands for transparency, its own capabilities, and external enablers to deliver:

  • What do our customer care about and how do they want to receive information?

  • Do we have the right data and systems to deliver on these customer demands?

  • What external technologies, partners, or industry initiatives can I leverage?

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PwC’s Solution

We helped our client develop its transparency strategy and roadmap by:

  • Assessing gaps in our client’s data, IT, and supply capabilities

  • Recommending emerging technology solutions to enable transparency

  • Facilitating a workshop with executives to align on the company’s future vision and commitment to transparency

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Impact on Client’s Business

Our client is aligned on a transparency vision, near-term strategy, and milestones, with a clear business case on how transparency delivers competitive advantage.

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Sara DeSmith

Sara DeSmith

ESG Partner, PwC US