Powerful predictive data analytics strategies help clinical trials get healthier

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A global pharmaceutical company left traditional methods behind as it deployed advanced predictive data analysis and visualization techniques.

Client’s challenge

To enhance current methods of oversight of clinical trial sites worldwide:

  • Develop a predictive and quantitative process to analyze site performance by targeting “unhealthy” sites for early issue identification
  • Identify and resolve site health issues quickly

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PwC’s solution

Utilizing a data-driven analysis to monitor and manage clinical trials sites by:

  • Collecting and cleansing large volume of data from trial sites worldwide
  • Developing predictive algorithms to detect deviations from the company historical standard for “healthy” site operations
  • Addressing site problems using data rather than solely expert judgment

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Impact on client's business

  • The company can now monitor clinical trial sites consistently worldwide using a data/algorithm visualization method
  • They can manage site health issues quickly by performing targeted site reviews as opposed to historically employed rigid, calendar based oversight
  • Utilize a combination of expert judgment and predictive algorithms to quickly target clinical site issue with enough lead time to remediate 

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"...the company is able to better target sites for oversight visits in a more efficient and effective manner."


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Dan  DiFilippo

Dan DiFilippo

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