Creating customer energy

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An industrial products leader reconfigured some of its best parts into a groundbreaking new business that connects with customers.

Client challenge

To carve out a new business that sells both products and connected services by: 

  • Evaluating the possibility of reconfiguring existing divisions in a profitable way.
  • Understanding industry dynamics and positioning for the best possible outcome.
  • Preparing for an organizational transformation that would impact people and technology.

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PwC’s solution

To justify the creation of an entirely new company by:

  • Assessing historical performance, industry benchmarks, and tax implications to lay the groundwork for smart strategizing.
  • Performing competitive analysis to find capability gaps and seek out partnerships.
  • Collaborating with company leaders to build revenue and financial models that make a solid case for the new company.
  • Consulting with stakeholders to set targets for synergy and value capture.
  • Developing a strategy and roadmap to complete organizational transformation.

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Impact on client’s business

Fast out of the gate

  • The company forecasts 4X revenue growth over the next five years leading to a greater than $2B company in 3 years.
  • It has been revenue positive since day one.
  • Its blend of products and services is attractive to both legacy customers and new customers looking for the kinds of new connected services it offers.

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"Company executives feel comfortable in predicting 4X revenue growth over the next five years leading to a greater than $2B company in 3 years."

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