Consolidating enterprise data for strategic decision making

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A leading Life & Annuity carrier builds an Enterprise Operational Data Store (EODS) to consolidate data across 30 source systems, enabling strategic Information Management (IM) initiatives and efficient data management across the enterprise.

Client's challenge

Disparate data sources and inefficient data aggregation techniques across business units contributed to data inconsistency and quality concerns for a leading Life & Annuity carrier.  Legacy acquisitions were not integrated into broader operating model, resulting in silos tied to existing 30 source systems. Call centers were distinctly siloed and required navigating 4 systems (on average) to sufficiently respond to level 1 customer/producer inquiries.

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PwC's solution

  • PwC collaborated with the client to develop a multi-year roadmap to:

    • Identify pain points and business needs for information management across the enterprise.

    • Build a consolidated Data Platform for various information domains (e.g., agreement, party, product, transactions) via a Global Delivery Model and agile project management techniques.

    • Implement a robust data governance model to build data ownership, improve accountability and manage data quality across the enterprise.

    • Standardize data definitions and values across systems and business units in order to enable a shared services model and avoid the need for customized systems training for employees.

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Impact on client’s business

The 3-year program delivered enterprise data assets for front and back office initiatives, lowering implementation time, cost and effort.  

  • Enabled pre-population of standardized data in forms used for on-demand correspondence across the enterprise.

  • Supported enterprise projects such as CRM, Enterprise Analytics etc. through access to a consolidated view of a customer or producer across the organization.

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How PwC can help your business

PwC’s financial services data analytics practice is comprised of more than 200 professionals offering a full range of advisory solutions across: financial risk modeling, risk analytics, customer analytics, data analytics strategy and organization, and data analytics technology. 

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