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Digital transformation case study

Performance analyzer: making real-time decisions to drive sales and profits

A PwC Product


Enabling a small team to analyze all of the company’s trade spend

Client – A leading food production and distribution company
Our Role – With 100% of sales data analyzed, Performance Analyzer helped a food production and distribution company make real-time decisions to drive sales and profits.
Industry – Consumer markets
Services – Service Excellence, Digital



Our client, a leading food production and distribution company, was gathering trade data manually from varied and disparate sources — which was taxing on their small workforce of two people. They were only able to focus on key events and top accounts. Furthermore, the sales team did not have the data and insights needed to drive their decision making and find new opportunities. 

Leaders from PwC's Strategy& revenue management team held a “trade efficiency 101” meeting for members from our client’s Finance and IT organizations. After we showed them the new features and customization options in PwC Performance Analyzer, our revenue management analytics platform, we began our work together.

“We knew we needed to increase the scope of what we’re able to analyze.”

SVP and CFO, Food Production and Distribution Company


To make analysis easier for their small team, the metrics and layouts within PwC Performance Analyzer were designed to our client’s specifications. The platform was further customized to suit their philosophy on ROI and promotion profitability. We worked with their IT department to get all the data they needed into the platform. Performance Analyzer completely integrates all their data sources, so the manual work became automated.

Today, our food production and distribution client runs the entirety of their trade spend through Performance Analyzer. Two people can sit in planning meetings and provide all the analytics and insights they need across the entire company in real time. Performance Analyzer is their one source of truth for all things sales analytics.

“Our client uses Performance Analyzer to its full potential. They know the real value is in the data sets, not the beautiful reports.”

Penny Boswell, Principal, PwC US

“We increased the power of a very small team by allowing them to work smarter.”

SVP and CFOFood Production and Distribution Company



2 people can now handle all the trade spend analysis for a multi-billion dollar company.

100% of the sales data is now analyzed. Prior to the implementation of Performance Analyzer, less than 20% of their sales data was analyzed.

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Neil Dhar

Neil Dhar

Vice Chair and Consulting Solutions Co-Leader, PwC US