Analyzing emerging technologies through a business-centric lens

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When a major pharmaceutical manufacturer set out to plan a sweeping IT transformation, it needed a fast way to evaluate its technology options as it searched for a low-risk path to the future.

Client challenge

Develop a cutting-edge three to five-year IT plan by:
  • Identifying and evaluating the emerging technologies best suited for its business
  • Assessing the inherent risks of adopting previously unexplored and untested tech solutions

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PwC’s solution

Identify the technologies with the most potential by:
  • Uncovering trends, technologies, and processes that could impact the client’s business positively
  • Prioritizing the trends and technologies by assessing their business relevance and technical viability

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Impact on client’s business

PwC’s Emerging Technology Focus Service Offering (ET: Focus) solution identified and defined five strategic investment opportunities, setting the agenda for the client’s 5-year Enterprise IT Strategy, and saving them 9 months of their strategic planning effort.

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“Working in collaboration with the client, we were able to identify 68 next-generation technologies that could have a positive impact on its business through 2020.”

Daniel Eckert

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