Accelerating software releases through DevOps

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A leading international insurance carrier finds that automated release management makes its developers more productive.

Client’s challenge

To improve software deployments by:

  • Automating software release management to make productivity gains
  • Increasing the frequency of updates
  • Reducing the complexity of releases to avoid downtime

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PwC's solutions

Build a new system for software update releases by:

  • Outlining a business case for a faster and more flexible operating model
  • Designing a DevOps-based software release strategy that brings developers and IT together
  • Deploying commercial tools to adapt the strategy to the client’s legacy technology

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Impact on client’s business

  • The company hopes to see an overall 2% to 3% improvement in development productivity
  • By automating rollbacks, the company can reduce downtime that can cost up to $30,000 per hour



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"With DevOps, development and operations collaborate throughout the entire service lifecycle..."

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