10Minutes on making big decisions

May 2015

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Balance the art of instinct with the science of data and analytics

There’s no question that business leaders have a lot on the line. Senior executives in our recent survey placed the average value of their next big decisions at 25% of future profitability. Many of them rely on gut instinct to guide them—what we think of as the ‘art’ of strategic decision making. But what about the ‘science’ side of the equation, data and analytics? Nearly all executives (96%) have previously discounted data they don't understand. That means a majority of businesses aren’t unlocking data possibilities, achieving the level of speed and sophistication in decision making that today’s environment demands.

  • At a glance — How speedy and sophisticated is your decision making?
  • Upgrade how you anticipate and make decisions: Blending art and science changes the way you frame opportunities, anticipate questions, and make decisions.
  • Get to the answers more quickly and confidently: How getting the right info to decision makers more quickly pays off—whether in a single function or across the organization.
  • Achieve more sophistication—options and insights: Upping your level of decision-making sophistication brings more options, insights, and accountability.
  • Four ways to improve your decision making today: Follow our four-step framework for upgrading decision making.
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