Surveys: Data confidentiality

Data security and participant anonymity continue to be our top priority. To demonstrate how seriously we take this issue, we commit to the following security measures:

  • Survey data is used for the production of the Survey and related services within the Law Firm Services Group.
  • Survey data is not used for internal PwC strategic planning purposes, nor is it ever made available elsewhere inside our firm.
  • Aggregate group results may be released to select legal publications or used in a legal forum to highlight industry trends. Individual firm results will never be shared outside of the PwC Law Firm Services Group without firm consent.
  • Participants do not have access to other firms' individual data.
  • All participants must identify a Survey contact within their law firm, and all Survey correspondence is made only with that designated person.
  • All Survey data is maintained in a secure and dedicated office on a secure network.
  • Access to individual Firm data is strictly limited to the Survey staff, unless otherwise authorized by the Firm.
  • Participants’ names are not disclosed to other participating Firms or in any public forum.

Antitrust compliant

The Surveys are reviewed annually by outside counsel to ensure compliance with current US antitrust laws regarding the sharing of price and cost information among competing business entities.

Participation in the PwC Law Firm Surveys is voluntary and open to all law firms, regardless of size or location. All data submitted is reviewed by PwC staff for consistency with our format and instructions prior to inclusion in the Survey database.

The reports comply with recommendations made by outside counsel during their annual review of the Surveys relative to current antitrust issues. While we are confident that the data supporting these Surveys has been properly summarized, no opinion is expressed regarding the fairness of the results.

Participation disclaimer

The PwC Law Firm Survey results are highly confidential. They are intended for the internal business management of participating law firms, and to support internal benchmarking and decision making. As such, all data contained in the reports are to be made available only to partners and designated employees of your Firm, and should not be made available to any third parties.

Furthermore, PwC does not condone the use of this data by participants in a court of law or any public forum that would either make the information available to non-participants or identify or expose participating law firms to other participants or non-participants.

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