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Cut through the uncertainty of the reformist wave in Washington affecting the way companies plan, invest and grow.

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Overview of Ways and Means Chairman Brady’s tax reform bill.

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Time to get practical on tax: Listen as our tax and policy specialists provide insights as Congress works through the process and considers potential trade-offs for tax rate reductions.

Policies on the move


For an industry that prefers stability to surprises—and one that has worked to adapt to the Affordable Care Act—the Trump Administration and GOP “repeal and replace” agenda may create new uncertainty and opportunity for healthcare leaders.

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Our review of the Trump Administration’s principles for tax reform and the policy issues to resolve if Congress is to enact a sustainable reform of the US tax laws and provide a more competitive tax system for business taxpayers. 

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Investor interest is high and so is the need. We explore what might work to expand project pipelines, attract more capital, and boost overall infrastructure investment to realize President Trump’s $1 trillion upgrade plans.

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The Brexit and Nafta re-negotiations signal some of the major changes ahead to the global trading system. In this report, we explore probable impacts of stricter enforcement of ‘Buy American’ rules on supply chains.

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Finance regulation

The Trump administration may get the biggest bang for its buck by changing the regulators…not the existing regulations: Ten points outline our expectations for potential results from Treasury’s recommendations.

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The debate about what agency, if any, is responsible for regulating the internet is just getting started—again. The potentially long regulatory timeline gives ISPs an opportunity to establish an industry-driven self-regulatory framework for net neutrality. 

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There are several potential ways President Trump’s Cybersecurity Executive Order might increase long-term pressure on industry leaders to improve their cyber risk management. Some key points to consider.

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Restructuring the H-1B visa program for workers in the US is likely to impact the way that companies attract and retain high-skilled international talent. The 3 things you need to know: 

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US economic sentiment is improving among CEOs and CFOs of privately-held companies. Confidence in progress of tax and regulatory reform will be a pivotal factor in hiring and investment. 

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