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Cyber Security Risks for Entertainment and Media Companies
April 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm PT
City Club Los Angeles, Harbour Room

For more info or to attend, email: natali.benezra@us.pwc.com.

Cybercrime can have substantial negative consequences for any company. In fact, a recent law firm study showed that globally listed companies lost a combined market value of $53 billion on the first day’s trading following the revelation of cyberEattacks and the impacted companies needed an average of 24 days to recover to its preEattack valuations. Nowhere is the threat greater to a company’s financial interest than an industry focused on creating and monetizing content, the overwhelming amount of which is now digital. A breach of data security can expose media companies to loss of data, theft and piracy of valuable intellectual property theft, excessive regulatory oversight, negative publicity and/or subsequent litigation.

The Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel (AMEC) and PwC are pleased to convene a panel of the leading experts in the area of cybercrime and security risks for entertainment companies. This seminar focuses on the cutting edge issues and challenges faces media companies in the area of data security and piracy, including:

  • Who are the primary hackers attacking media organizations?
  • What are the most common techniques and what are the hackers looking for?
  • What regulatory or industry initiatives are in place to help deal with these threats?
  • What legal strategies are there that can help organizations address with these threats?
  • What roles can industry associations such as the MPAA and informal networks play in helping assist entertainment companies?
  • What are the industry best practices for implementing successfully data protection and security programs?

Jeffrey Dye, Director of Forensic Services Practice, PwC
Roger R. Schell, Ph.D., Professor, Cyber Security Program, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Adam Sullivan, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Square Enix, Inc.
Chester Chuang, Senior Counsel, Content Protection Technology, 20th Century Fox

Past webcasts

Does your risk management function also drive company performance? It should…
Original air date: March 14, 2014
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There is no question a risk management framework designed to manage and monitor key business risks is critical to business success. But, did you know companies with fine-tuned risk management and broader governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes enjoy greater financial, operational and strategic success? Your risk management framework and other GRC activities should not only protect value, it should enable value creation.

For industries that are on the forefront of adapting to emerging digital platforms, mobile technologies and changing customer behaviors, it is more important than ever to maximize the relevance and value of the risk management, internal audit and corporate compliance functions at entertainment, media and communications companies.

On this webcast, we will explore the characteristics and best practices in monitoring and managing key risks, and link these practices to the strategic, operational and financial business imperatives.

Tailored for risk management, compliance and internal audit, accounting & finance professionals including titles such as Chief Compliance Officers/Head of Compliance, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Audit Executives (CAEs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Controllers, SOX Compliance Directors, Internal Audit Directors, members of the Board of Directors, and the managers and staff in these functions.

Entertainment, media and communications sector webcast: Are your controls keeping pace with your business?
Original air date: October 10, 2013
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After 20 years, COSO decided it was time for a refresh of its Internal Control-Integrated Framework . The 2013 update, authored by PwC, is designed to address reporting, compliance, and operational objectives. This provides businesses and their stakeholders with a common vocabulary for getting a handle on the ever-changing environment.

With the publication of the new COSO Framework, companies have an opportunity to take a fresh look at their internal control systems. And as we learned from our 9th Annual State of the Internal Audit Profession Study, stakeholders continue to expect more from their Internal Audit departments. The survey results were also analyzed specifically through the entertainment, media and communications (EMC) sector lens to understand whether the EMC sector has different views on management of risks and if different internal audit capabilities are needed for the EMC industry.

Join PwC's webcast where we will do an in-depth look at what tactical steps are necessary for EMC companies to make the transition to the new framework.

Tailored for US Entertainment, Media and Communications industry Chief Audit Executive, Chief Internal Audit, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Controller, as well as Directors and Managers in these functions.

Improving trust & transparency as customer needs, business models, and data privacy requirements evolve
Original air date: June 27, 2013
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Reputational and financial damages that result from inefficient operational and security controls can be severe and the need for trust and transparency for Entertainment, Media and Communications (EMC) companies and their service providers and vendors becomes more important than ever.

We will explore the key industry drivers such as customer requirements, vendor management, controls over data, and technology giving rise to the need for expanded reporting capabilities and standards. We will help you understand reporting options and which is right for you (SSAE16, SOC2, SOC3, agreed upon procedures, etc.) and do a deep dive into the privacy and data protection concerns over intellectual property and customer information.

Tailored for finance, IT and compliance executives at EMC companies, this webcast discussed the challenges around what customers are asking of their vendors around data privacy and protection, and the reporting companies can obtain to mitigate these risks.

How to enhance efficiency (and reduce compliance costs) in your ERP system
Original air date: April 18, 2013
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This webcast reviewed how enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can help companies adapt to changes in the Entertainment, Media and Communications (EMC) industry -- and better run their business and deliver to the market. Our experience shows us effective and efficient ERP systems are increasingly important to enhance the finance function and keep compliance costs down.

Tailored for finance, IT and compliance executives at EMC companies, this webcast discussed how to better use the most common ERP systems, reviewed recent developments in ERP platform controls and compliance tools, and shared PwC's perspective on the future of ERPs in the EMC industry.

Conflict Minerals: Approach for communications services providers
Original air date: December 5 2012
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PwC presented an invitation-only live webcast for communications services providers to discuss the new SEC rule pursuant to Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.Hear PwC’s conflict minerals core team and communications industry supply chain and risk assurance specialists discuss the impact of this rule on your industry.

Unleashing TV spectrum: A new wave of opportunity for broadcast and wireless companies
Original air date: December 3, 2012
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Based on recent legislation passed by Congress, the FCC’s Notice of Public Rulemaking (NPRM) details the proposed process and regulations for a series of Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auctions aimed at freeing up TV spectrum for reuse by mobile communications providers. To bring to light the specifics of the Incentive Auction process and to explore the opportunities arising from this unprecedented and highly anticipated Auction, PwC brought the FCC and key industry representatives for a conversation.

Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013-2017

PwC E&M partner and report co-author Sean DeWinter discusses key findings with Bloomberg TV.

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