PwC presents Outlook and consumer trends around digital innovation at The Cable Show®

PwC is proud to have been selected by the Cable Show to present our market research, analysis and consumer intelligence on the future state of the cable industry.  Watch our 12 minute segment at Imagine Park -- the Cable Show's live portal for "killer concepts, major breakthroughs and audacious ideas that are about to take digital living to entirely new places." In addition, as the official streaming sponsor of the 2013 Cable Show, we invite you to watch any of the other recorded presentations throughout the conference via the player below.

Imagine Park Session -- PwC's Outlook: Consumer Adoption of Digital Innovation

The pace of innovation continues to grow in the cable sector with the delivery of new user experiences, rich "on demand" content offerings, shifting premium content availability windows, time and screen shifting access to content, etc. PwC shares results from recent consumer research specific to usage patterns and adoption of new features and functionalities related to the video platform.  We discuss innovation in light of expected growth projections related to content subscription services, license fees, advertising and broadband internet access from the PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook.