Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013 - 2017

We are pleased to present the 14th edition of PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook. The live US launch event is being streamed here from 9:00 am – 11:15 am ET, with the replay becoming available within 24 hours

PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013 - 2017

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This year's publication focuses on the democratization of digital access to entertainment and media (E&M) content as the key driver for industry growth and opportunity. E&M businesses are raising their game in agility and customer insight as constant digital innovation becomes the new license to operate. To harness this growth and compete effectively, companies of all types must evaluate their competitive advantages and seize their position in the evolving ecosystem with the connected consumer at its core. Achieving this will require every industry participant to invest in constant innovation, encompassing its products and services, operating and business models, and most critically its customer experience, understanding and engagement.

Outlook findings showcase how current industry trends are impacting consumers, advertisers, content creators and digital distributors. Explore the outlook to learn more about the following themes:

  • Understanding the new customer is key
  • Consumers are increasingly in control but also increasingly confused
  • Changing from “mass media” to “my media”
  • Multiplatform analytics drive advertising insights into the connected consumer
  • To better engage customers, content creators will need deeper insight into what they will pay for
  • The race to acquire content continues

About the Outlook

The Outlook is a consistent, comprehensive online source of global analysis for consumer/end-user and advertising spending. With like-for-like, five-year historical and forecast data across 13 industry segments in 50 countries, comparing and contrasting regional growth rates and consumer and advertising spend is easier than ever before.

Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013 - 2017

Key report findings