Doing business globally

Doing business globally

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Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2010-2014

PwC understands that growing your entertainment or media company increasingly means expanding the audience for your content around the world.

Building a truly global organization and expanding into new markets means facing complex financial, operational and human resource challenges. With our network of professionals in more than 149 countries, we can provide in-depth local experience virtually anywhere you are seeking to expand your presence.

PwC handpicks teams to address the unique set of goals and challenges you face, whether they are related to global regulatory compliance, risk management, transfer pricing, international tax structuring, expatriate services, strategy development or operational structuring. Our areas of expertise:

  • Managing a global workforce
  • Handling currency risks
  • Overseeing international contracts and content rights
  • Navigating the requirements of foreign government and regulators

A global conglomerate uncovered over $300 million in business opportunities

A leading conglomerate decided to launch a joint venture between two of its business divisions in order to develop new revenue streams. To improve the initiative's prospects for success, executives wanted to evaluate the level of market interest in the US and Europe. PwC's global network of professionals conducted interviews with key executives at more than 50 companies in the US and Europe, then developed a value proposition and launch plan. As a result, PwC helped the conglomerate identify more than $300 million in potential business development and investment opportunities that helped them exploit new products and services beyond their traditional offerings.