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Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries

Enabling our clients to achieve their strategic goals in an environment of evolving risks and constant regulatory change.

Companies face increasing risks and challenges in managing their complex, global businesses. They are also facing an evolving regulatory environment that is impacting everything from their strategies to their operations to their technology. PwC's Risk & Regulatory team combines deep industry experience with the technical skills necessary to help our clients navigate the risk and regulatory complexities of running their business and executing on their strategies. Some of the specific areas where our team can help include:

Regulatory Risk

New and evolving laws and regulations impact every aspect of our clients' business. Whether it is helping them understand the impact of regulatory change on their strategies or working with them to effectively manage their compliance risk, PwC brings its clients a unique blend of regulatory insight and industry experience.

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Supply Chain Risk

Ever increasing customer and stakeholder expectations have caused supply chains to become more distributed and complex, resulting in vulnerabilities that are difficult to measure and manage. Preparation is key to successful Supply Chain Risk management (SCR). PwC delivers a suite of solutions to help ‘know your supply chains’ so our clients can proactively monitor and respond to regulatory change and potential operational disruptions.

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Financial Risk

Businesses are faced with uncertainties every day, opening them up to a world of potential risk. Volatility in interest rates, currency markets and commodity prices create exposure to loss and business disruption. Managing financial risk is crucial to achieve better business outcomes and increase value for stockholders. PwC works with businesses to develop risk optimization strategies that address a variety of financial risks, including liquidity risk, market risk, counterparty credit risk and operational risk.

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Enterprise Risk

Risks threaten entire enterprises, not just business units, programs or processes. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) helps organizations manage risk from strategy setting to organizational culture to execution. PwC served as the principal authors of the original COSO ERM Integrated Framework and is leading the development of COSO’s revision in 2017.

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Cybersecurity & Privacy

By bringing together capabilities from across PwC, our Cybersecurity and Privacy team seeks to understand our clients' perspectives on cybersecurity and privacy in the context of their strategic priorities. By incorporating tactical knowledge gathered from decades of projects across industries, geographies, programs and technologies, PwC can create and execute holistic start-to-finish plans to manage cybersecurity and privacy-related risks.

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