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February 2016


A handful of technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies have come to dominate various aspects of the Internet, including access, search, social networking, on-line shopping, the sharing economy, advertising, and content creation and distribution. These players were able to enter the market with unique offerings or business models, quickly shaking up industry after industry. These disruptors appear to have a stronghold in their chosen markets, but ongoing innovation in the Internet space continues to usher in new businesses that could well end up disrupting the disruptors.

Bottom line: It’s hard to predict how things will look just a few years from now. To better envision the future, PwC has analyzed the key uncertainties facing TMT companies and developed a series of scenarios for what the playing field might look under different circumstances. These scenarios can help industry participants and investors to navigate the future.

In this report, we start with a contextual assessment of the forces of change affecting TMT companies, then explore two uncertainties that will have a profound impact on how TMT companies grow and compete over the coming decade, assess the scenarios uncovered by those uncertainties, and finally, describe the implications of those scenarios.

Consumers are forcing the integration of industry platforms in OTT and traditional media services. They are just beginning to explore digital wearables laden with sensors flashing feedback in domains like health and fitness. The Internet of Things is primed for wireless connection between consumers and everything that sustains their lives everywhere they go.

Some key insights:

  • 14% revenue uplift recorded by the most innovative 20% of TMT companies
  • 55% of entertainment and media CEO’s and 52% of communications CEOs say a significant competitor from the Tech sector is emerging or will emerge.

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