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It’s time for a fresh Outlook

US edition: Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019‑2023

How will the Technology, Media and Telecom industries change? Which media segments will emerge... or disappear? How will AI and AR improve user experience? The Outlook provides the kind of clear insight and data that can help you identify opportunities across an ever-changing landscape.

Based on advertising and consumer spending data across 14 industry segments and 53 territories, PwC's Outlook is your trusted source for a reliable view of the future.

2019 US Entertainment and Media Outlook by the numbers 

OTT video revenue
YOY decline of TV advertising revenue
YOY increase of podcast advertising revenue
eSports market revenue
Traditional gaming's percent of overall gaming revenue
Cinema box office revenue
YOY increase of VR video revenue
Megabytes of data consumed
Digital book's percent of overall consumer books revenue

year on year (YOY), over the top (OTT)


Share your media strategy. See the future through the lens of the Outlook

An increasingly tailored world has major implications for every E&M business across every segment. Whether the subject is business and revenue models, emerging technologies or regulation and trust, companies must keep on top of current and future developments, as well as being sufficiently agile and ready to respond proactively and at pace. 

Our data, analysis and perspective offers insight into how E&M companies are adapting, investing and innovating by the increasing need to get personal:

One size does not fit all

The move to personalized, active E&M experiences has profound implications for how companies go about framing and developing offerings. At the same time, it will impose new responsibilities and, occasionally, limitations, on how they market and present their products and services. These new dynamics apply across different platforms, content types and digital and physical experiences—though their ultimate impacts can vary among different geographic markets.

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Meeting consumers where they are

As media and e-commerce experiences become more personal, gratification for consumers is becoming more instant and immediate. In response, content creators and distributors are devising new ways to appeal to consumers as individuals, and marketers are busy figuring out how to meet people at the point of consumption—and guide them instantaneously towards purchase. The result is a rapid expansion of and evolution in consumer touch points.

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The new era of personalized computing

In the 1980s, the great leap forward was the advent of the PC—the personal computer. In the 2020s, amid the fourth industrial revolution, the next significant evolutionary step may be personalized computing. That is to say, the smart use of data algorithms and AI will spur E&M companies to enhance the digital products and services they offer, or to introduce entirely new ones.

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Seeking personal data hygiene

As consumers increasingly push to be at the center of their own world of media experiences, it's unavoidable that their personal data—whether the music they stream or the products they buy—become a central player in the process. In a digitized world, billions of small transactions and activities are captured and tracked as a matter of routine, and every interaction with a customer has the potential to build or damage trust.

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Getting personal: Putting the me in entertainment and media

The central theme of this growing world of media is that it's personal and increasingly digital. And it's one that is constructed by the individual for his or her own enjoyment and gratification, and delivered through personal devices. Companies, in turn, are tailoring their offerings and business models to revolve around personal preferences, using data and usage patterns to pitch their products not at audiences of billions, but at billions of individuals.

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