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Traditional software and internet companies are becoming value-added orchestrators in support of business transformation in all industries. This business model evolution is driven by several key trends which include: an increased focus on the end user experience, maturing business models, gains through operational performance, and growth through M&A. In order to remain competitive, software & internet companies also need to address several critical macro issues such as mobile, social, cloudsecurity & privacydata & analytics, and talent.

In addition, revenue, or the “top line,” is a closely monitored measure of an entity's growth and market share. The FASB and IASB are currently in the process of replacing existing revenue guidance with a new global accounting standard for all revenue transactions. How will revenue recognition changes affect your business?

Software as a Service is driving industry dispruption

Patrick Pugh, PwC's US Software and Internet Advisory Leader, discusses challenges and opportunities associated with Software as a Service


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A digital revolution is causing fundamental shifts in the software industry

PwC's Global Software Industry Leader Mark McCaffrey discusses the software industry's digital revolution.


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