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Helping customers find what they need

Transforming a prospect into a customer is becoming an increasingly difficult task given the decreasing time consumers now spend on any single interaction. In an always-on economy, customers expect easy access to:

  • Product information, case studies, videos, and unbiased evaluations or testimonials
  • Rich content that goes beyond standard product information and experiences tailored to their needs

A deeper understanding of customer needs and interests across the lifecycle is needed to solicit the type of engagement that can turn today’s prospect into tomorrow’s lead.

PwC can help you maintain your position as a primary source of direct-to-consumer information with data collection and analytics tools to engage prospects with targeted offers earlier in the sales process.

Generating more revenues more easily

Implementing the wrong tools can cause friction within a sales process, either through lack of enablement to the consumer, or through lack of insight back into the business. An ideal sales process will:

  • Automate as many segments of the sales cycle as possible
  • Focus on proactive selling activities and reducing administrative tasks
  • Facilitate sophisticated self-service customization options for products and services to meet customer needs
  • Streamline pre and post-sale contact activities such as offers or requests for feedback or product reviews

PwC can help you carefully consider how to apply technology to sales processes in order to reach your goals, while still cultivating a deep sense of community back to consumers to provide rich insights.

Keeping customers happy

As products evolve and customer expectations rise, fulfillment can become a challenge for Technology companies if they do not keep pace with innovation and customer lifecycle preferences. For instance:

  • Changing customer expectations are moving fulfillment considerations to different lifecycle points, including the evaluation and post-sales lifecycle stages
  • Companies must provide their customers easier self-service access to the products and services that they are entitled to use, even as products and offerings evolve
  • Customers now expect complimentary access to more value-add services, even as part of the typical fulfillment bundle

PwC can help you with the varied aspects of fulfillment through enacting digital self-service and account management models. We can help create flexible solutions that adapt to ever changing customer expectations for transparency and customization. This ongoing engagement can create yet another opportunity to collect insightful data.

Closing the product loop

Due to the pace of innovation and competing internal priorities, Technology companies all too often treat their support function as nothing more than a one-off break/fix service, gathering very little insight or analytics from single interactions. However, customer expectation dictates that companies be fully knowledgeable of about relationships regardless of contact channel or timeframe. Through the Care channel, companies could:

  • Identify high-value enhancements or product shortfalls
  • Engage with customers outside of issue-based interactions and provide methods for peer-to-peer support and content sharing
  • Proactively identify and resolve support issues based on known lifecycle pain points

PwC can help you support consumers at the next level turning a negative product experience into a positive brand experience through building a customer success engine within a channel or department. We can help companies become fully knowledgeable of the hidden value in their relationships and interactions captured in the digital landscape.

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