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Fueled by the growth in enterprise computing and the proliferation of mobility products, the computer and networking market continues to grow. In this competitive industry, companies face intense price competition and growing demands by shareholders to fulfill expectations around earnings. In turn, pressures drive strategies for faster time to market, supply chain, and merger opportunities.

Technology industry executives and key industry stakeholders identify several issues that demand their attention, including:

Supply chain

Shifting, volatile market demand and ever-increasing customer expectations make supply chain management challenging. Add to that sudden resource shortages, natural disasters and political instability, and it'€™s downright difficult. As a result, organizations are rethinking supply chain performance goals and strategy.

Product innovation and development

The definition of innovation has widened to include not only R&D that underpins new technologies, products and services, but also business processes and business models. Each aspect of the business is fair game for reinvention, and CEOs are leading innovation on multiple fronts.

Customer impact

Today's customers are more than consumers. They want a role in helping to both create and champion the entire customer experience. For them, everything about your company is a source of that experience €”not just the product or service they're buying at the moment. And they don't just want to be considered when you have something to sell them. They want solutions that are seemingly created just for them.

Information Reporting services (FATCA)

How is your organization planning to manage the complex processes behind Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)? It begins with a understanding of what is required under FATCA. Institutions will then need to focus on designing a compliance and controls framework concurrent with the core FATCA implementation effort.


Build your competitive advantage by taking a strategic view of threat management that builds operational resilience and enables sustainable growth. Increase your organization's regulatory compliance by creating an architecture for effective compliance of complex international laws. Identify and respond to emerging country business practice risks and get the forensic support when and where you need it.


M&A is one of the quickest paths to creating value, but it's not the surest. Deals are intricate and laden with risk €”and tremendous potential. Valuations are complicated by lack of clarity on cash flows, complex accounting rules and tax legislation. Integrations are difficult to execute. So how can you be confident that your deal will deliver on its promise? Successful dealmakers see both the minute details and the big picture. They have a clear and focused M&A strategy, and when it'€™s time to execute, they consider the value drivers and risks broadly across all aspects of the business.


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PwC's Global Computers and Networking Leader, Scott Adams, and US Technology Markets Leader, Sharon Kane, discuss how industry trends are impacting computers and networking companies.


How PwC can help

As your business grows across all areas €”PwC is here to help you from strategy through execution. For a deeper discussion on our Service Offerings please contact one of PwC'€™s US Technology Industry leaders.

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