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PwC offers a critical set of core communication competencies - and multiple sub-capabilities - to serve todays’ public sector clients. Our professionals understand the communication needs and challenges facing the public sector, and offer the leadership support, tools and techniques to help to establish quality communication from assessment through delivery and evaluation.

Strategic Communication Planning

Our communication professionals provide clients with the experience and tools to assess the communication environment, understand the organization's communication needs, and develop a strategic communication plan that bridges the gap – helping the organization reach its stretch goals for internal and external stakeholder engagement.

Digital & Social Solutions

PwC’s enhanced Digital and Social Solutions tailor core offerings and focus specifically on demonstrating leadership in the changing digital landscape, adding multi-channel, digital change services that help organizations transform into fully engaged social enterprises.

Public Affairs

Developing and maintaining a positive public perception is important. Strong stakeholder support can be a critical factor in helping an organization accomplish its mission. PwC helps clients capitalize on organizational accomplishments to create a positive brand and implements strategies to maintain that brand long term. PwC’s strategies put the client into the driver’s seat of shaping public perception.

Crisis Management Communication

When an emergency or crisis occurs, the need for responsive, effective and reliable communication is critical. Despite preventative measures, a host of things can happen to negatively impact a client or client’s brand. Many times, addressing errors or issues is just as important for clients as preventing them. PwC will develop crisis communication plans and solutions to empower clients during the most vulnerable times.

Communication Evaluation

While Strategic Communication Planning incorporates the art of informing and influencing organizational stakeholders, PwC understands the science of measuring the effectiveness of communication tools and processes. Our communication evaluation methodologies (a sub-capability of Strategic Communication Planning) and leading indicators help provide the data necessary to make real-time changes and adjustments, improving the overall effectiveness (accuracy and precision) of each communication dollar spent.

Congressional Relations

In times of streamlined Federal appropriations and rigorous accountability measures, it’s important to have a robust plan for securing and maintaining funding for mission-essential programs. PwC can help develop and implement a target communication strategy that highlights the ongoing value of your programs, prepares you to defend these programs when asked to do so, and assists in developing the documentation necessary to support these programs.

PwC’s Public Sector Communications team fosters partnerships with stakeholders to leverage resources and promote achievement of organizational goals.

  • Clear and Concise Messaging stimulates understanding and support of an organization’s goals, vision, structure, and status of programs. This results in increased morale, productivity, workplace retention, and a collaborative environment that boosts staff connections and increases trust in business relationships.
  • Standardized Methodology clarifies content, format, and delivery of products via established, predictable cross-organizational processes.
  • Integrated Communication Strategy generates professional, consistent, high-quality deliverables, concise and precise messages, visual impact across the organization, and increased audience understanding.
  • Attention to Feedback allows our communication professionals to adjust messaging quickly to meet client needs and stakeholder priorities. By maintaining a consistent feedback loop, the overarching communication strategy will continuously align with organizational goals as they may change.
  • Targeted and Rapid Response leads to improved management and distribution of information readily available for reuse, expedited crises communication, and efficient reach to multiple stakeholders.

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