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Implementing Salesforce is easy. Implementing Salesforce on an enterprise scale with necessary controls and integrated with legacy systems is trickier. To succeed in capitalizing on the enterprise-wide opportunity, public sector executives must invest to improve technology, processes, and strategy. PwC provides a proven cloud-based solution built on Salesforce that helps agencies achieve new levels of speed and competitive advantage.


Our approach is based on the Agile Scrum method that enables a comprehensive yet flexible model to design, develop, prototype, test, and implement enterprise-wide information systems covering all stages of an end-to-end implementation. Our approach and accelerators help clients systematically plan, execute, test, and support the implementation process for new business processes and systems in alignment with agency Lifecycle Management policies and procedures.

Case and correspondence management

One of the greatest challenges the public sectors faces is managing the interaction of people, process, and documentation. Our Case & Correspondence solutions automate these interactions to increase efficiency, responsiveness, scalability while simultaneously improving compliance and auditability.

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Social media management and listening

Many agencies struggle with the volume metrics of social interactions; unsure whether to shut it down or wall it off. Our tools and processes enable agencies to interact with multiple social media platforms on an “internet scale” while remaining consistent with Offices of Policy and Communications guidelines, by establishing workflow, business rules, and analytic services.

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Digital (web) services

When under pressure to do more with less, PwC has the tools and methods to transform and automate “customer” facing workflows to provide constituent self-service and assisted services, freeing an agencies’ workforce from brute force touch labor to focus on the hard problems that require personal intervention and interaction.

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Community collaboration

Most public sector communities (employee, inter agency, intra agency, and public-private) interact today over email causing concerns around privacy and records management. Our community solutions puts these interactions into a safe environment without impeding collaboration, which is guided by, and remains compliant.

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Mobile workforce

Teleworkers, mobile workforce, increasing facility costs: the physical agency is shrinking and the virtual agency has emerged; boundaries have become virtual rather than physical. PwC offers the mobile-first application roadmap, solutions, policies, and procedures to enable agencies to become increasingly virtual while protecting their data and employees in an increasingly hostile and diabolical cyber environment.

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Application rationalization

The IT portfolio has become unsustainable comprised of multiple versions of multiple platforms, middleware, databases, hardware, etc.; millions of permutations creating complexity cost that consumes an agency’s IT budget, and simply moving it to a datacenter, virtual, or on the cloud often has a marginal return on investment. The Salesforce1 Platform can obliterate this complexity - but only if implemented with the proper roadmap and controls. PwC offers the full scope of services to migrate to this environment including the front end strategy and the back-end DevOps processes.

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According to IDC analysis and buyer perception, PwC is an IDC MarketScape "Major Player" in Worldwide Implementation Ecosystem.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Implementation Ecosystem 2013 Vendor Analysis, Ali Zaidi, Gard Little, IDC #243620

PwC is in the Vanguard of Consulting to the US Department of Defense according to Kennedy.

Kennedy Research, "Consulting to the US Department of Defense" ©Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, Kennedy Information LLC. Reproduced under license.

According to IDC analysis and buyer perception, PwC is an IDC MarketScape Leader in Worldwide Business Consulting Services for the Public Sector.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Consulting Services for the Public Sector 2013 Vendor Analysis, Cushing Anderson, Thom Rubel, #242457, August 2013

Superior quality verified by the Department of Commerce as the only Salesforce services company in the last decade to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (2014), the nation’s highest Presidential honor for performance excellence through innovation, improvement, and visionary leadership.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - 2014 Award Recipient

Integration capabilities verified by leading software companies: Salesforce Platinum Sponsor, Oracle Diamond Partner, SAP Global Partner, and Microsoft Gold Competency Partner.

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