Performance Management/Continuous Process Improvement Blanket Purchase Agreement (PM/CPI BPA)

Administered by the General Services Administration (GSA) as a blanket purchase agreement under GSA Schedule 874 (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services), the PM/CPI BPA offers agencies the ability to obtain greater value from their performance management, strategic business related analyses and CPI service expenditures by accessing specialist resources and thought leadership, and sharing best practices across the Federal government.

About the PM/CPI BPA

The PM/CPI BPA is available for use by all government departments and agencies through the issuance of task orders. Task order terms and conditions can be augmented to address individual agency needs. Orders can be issued on a firm-fixed-price or time-and-material/labor hour basis. The contract has a five year period, allowing task order requirements to benefit from multi-year performance or the inclusion of optional periods and optional tasks. Management services offered under the BPA include, but are not limited to:

Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation

Strategic Planning Support
Support the development and maintenance of strategic plans allowing agencies to link planning elements such as mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategies, and performance management initiatives. Support alignment of organizational investments in people, technology and capital to the overall strategies and assist in the development and articulation of the agencies strategic vision with corresponding mission, business, and performance measures.

Program Evaluation, Monitoring & Measurement
Assess performance of programs against their intended goals through the development and maintenance of program evaluation and measurement criteria and methods.

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Strategic Business Analyses

Support all business related analyses, business cases and alternatives analyses required to define organizational strategy and/or improve organizational performance. This includes any study aimed at improving organizational results, assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of an agency’s business strategies aligned with the requirements of its competitive marketplace.

Evaluate Business Strategy
Assess issues that are both internal and external to the agency. Internal assessment leads to an understanding of the agency’s strengths and weakness. The external assessment leads to an understanding of the opportunities and threats facing the agency.

Identify Critical Issues and Priorities
Provide strategic planning method(s) such as the use of a SWOT analysis which will lead to an understanding of the critical issues that face an agency in maintaining or improving its competitive and financial performance. The combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats must be ranked by priorities so that action can be planned in a manageable way and be taken in order of importance.

Make Recommendations
Provide recommendations that address the critical issues for management actions in the short and long terms. Seek to improve the effectiveness of competitive strategies and the efficiency of their implementation.

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Process and Performance Improvement

Includes support to successfully initiate, launch, execute, manage, and evaluate performance management programs as well as core business operations. Maintain and improve methodologies and practices to improve how well organizations, their people and processes perform. Provide expert assistance in all aspects of process and performance management, performance improvement and support. Support agency personnel to transfer the skills and knowledge necessary for long term operation.

Project Portfolio Management
Support developing and maintaining processes and means to support tracking, integration, and oversight of high priority performance management and core business projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Project Identification & Prioritization Support developing and maintaining a performance management identification and selection process to assist in organizational analysis, development of a set of evaluation criteria, and applying a selection approach to identify the projects that provide the most benefit to the agency.

Project Selection
Based on the results of project identification and prioritization actions, support developing and maintaining a project pipeline that aligns with the strategic priorities of the organization. The results of this effort will be the creation and maintenance of a project portfolio.

Project Execution
The organization will initiate projects based on the results of project identification and prioritization efforts or based on the project selection approach determined by the government, the availability of appropriate resources, and established program governance procedures. Key elements to successful project execution include:

  • Charter and team development, to include stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy development to identify best process improvement approach to address project objectives per the charter
  • Tracking and risk management to ensure projects stay on schedule

Project Closeout and Identification of Replication Opportunities
Support capturing and consolidating lessons learned in order to promote the application of similar process improvement opportunities across the enterprise, regionally and nationally or as appropriate.

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Communications and Change Management

Support the process of moving the organization from an existing state to a future state in the areas of governance, communications, and the documentation of best practices and lessons learned. Assist the government in developing strategies, tactics and plans that support the transition to new operational methods and practices.

A fundamental element of performance management is the active engagement and support of the organization’s leadership in all aspects of the work. Assist in developing the necessary governance and support to transition the organization.

Strategic communications are fundamental to the growth and adoption of a performance management oriented culture in the organization. Assist the organization in developing strategies, tactics, and communications methods and processes to effectively inform key audiences about changes, create buy-in, gain understanding, and transition the organization, with the goal of steadily increasing stakeholder engagement. Planning and execution of critical strategic business initiatives should be clear, consistent and relevant to all stakeholders involved.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Assist the organization in collecting and disseminating best practices and lessons learned with the goal of encouraging project replication, collaboration and improving the overall performance management program deployment process.

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Training, Certification and Recognition

Provide training, certification, coaching and mentoring, and achievement recognition support for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a cadre of process improvement professionals.

Training Planning and Delivery
Depending on the performance management program maturity, organizations may require a comprehensive analysis of their performance management training needs to support program objectives. Based on the results of the needs assessment, provide training aligned to the organization’s needs and strategic direction.

Training and Certification
Training and certification are key in establishing an in-house infrastructure that can effectively sustain and grow the agency’s performance management program to the point of self-sufficiency. An effective training and certification program is required to support major performance management program implementations, change initiatives or introduction of new tools and concepts. Support the agency in providing a fully integrated and standard (consistent with leading government and industry certification requirements) training and certification program that will result in the proper mix of qualified professionals, consistent with the organization’s program objectives (e.g., Lean Six Sigma training and certification).

Coaching and Mentoring
Provide support in coaching and mentoring performance management program personnel. Coaches/mentors guide students in the appropriate application of tools and techniques introduced in training, assist the students in completing their assigned projects, and achieving certification at the level appropriate to their training. Successful coaching and mentoring will result in well executed projects that achieve their objectives and the development of a high performing in-house performance management infrastructure.

Achievement Recognition
Support organizations in promoting a performance management oriented culture through regularly recognizing and rewarding individual and team accomplishments, consistent with established Human Resources procedures. Provide support to organizations that desire external recognition through a number of organizational excellence competitions and programs such as:

  • The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence
  • The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Management Certifications
  • Other industry, government, and non-profit awards for accomplishments through performance management or process improvement

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CTA Team Members

In addition to PwC, members of our CTA team include:

  • Air Academy Associates, LLC
  • DSD Laboratories, Inc.
  • Pivotal Resources, Inc.
  • Silosmashers, Inc.

Contract Highlights

Period of Performance: 5 Years (June 24, 2013 - June 23, 2018)

Task Order Types: Firm-Fixed-Price or Time-and-Materials/Labor-Hour

Accessibility: May be used by all Federal government departments and agencies

Flexibility: Task orders may include multi-year performance, optional periods and/or optional tasks

Rates: Pre-negotiated rate discounts that increase as volume increases on the BPA

Contract Fee: None; 0.75% Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) included in rates per GSA Schedule terms and conditions

Contract Ceiling: None

Process: Streamlined ordering procedures (process follows FAR 8.405-3(c))

Points of Contact

Frank Durso
Program Manager
Phone: (703) 918-3463

PwC Support:

Paul Recklau
Program Analyst
Phone: (703) 605-3646

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