2017 Federal ERM Survey

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For the third consecutive year, the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) and PwC Public Sector have collaborated to survey Federal government leaders and staff for their insights into the current state of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in their organizations.

This year’s survey continues to demonstrate the year-over-year trend of new ERM programs coming into existence across the Federal government, many of which still exhibit capabilities that are predominately in the early stages of development, particularly with respect to the cultural and

Report Organization

This year’s report groups the survey results into three broad categories:

  • Characteristics of Federal ERM Programs
  • Focus & Priorities
  • Execution & Performance

Subsections are included for each category, including a new section on ERM & Culture that is introduced under Execution & Performance. In context of these categories, the results from this year’s survey responses are provided, along with comparison results from the from 2015 and 2016 surveys, as appropriate. Analysis is also included based on the primary insights from the data at the aggregate level as well as across a number of demographic breakdowns.

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