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Superstorm Sandy recovery support services

Emergency Fiscal Policies and Procedures Improvement Study

Client challenge

PwC supported a client in evaluating its emergency fiscal management policies and procedures to identify weaknesses and recommend improvements to its emergency preparation and response approach, with a focus on procurement and asset management. The client requested this study because shortly after its most recent emergency, it experienced significant challenges in reconciling emergency purchasing and procurement activity with vendor payments and confirmation that assets deployed remained in its possession.

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PwC’s solution

PwC worked with senior leadership and key process owners to identify, collect, and analyze purchasing activity related to the emergency. Our consultants designed and implemented an analytics approach and interviewed key process owners to identify spend patterns and procurement and asset management inefficiencies in relation to strategic goals, organizational and technological capabilities, coordination and communication with stakeholders, and emergency needs.

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Impact on client’s business

PwC’s support has enabled the client to identify and prioritize an approach to improve its emergency fiscal management policies and practices to better prepare for the next emergency and implement a coordinated and timely response.

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