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Emergency management case study: Guam all-hazards concept plan

Guam, part of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, has the greatest risk of being hit by a tropical storm of any State or Territory in the U.S.

Client challenge

Particularly from June through December, Guam is at heightened risk of experiencing natural disasters and has suffered a history of great devastation.

To mitigate future hazards and natural disaster risks, PwC assisted a Federal government agency in a focused and collaborative planning effort to build an All-Hazards Concept Plan and Operational Plan for a Catastrophic Typhoon scenario for Guam. This effort represented an important milestone for Guam and its dedication toward emergency response planning and preparedness.

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PwC’s solution

We helped our client establish strategies to execute a unified Territory and Federal response to a catastrophic typhoon. Our team brought stakeholders together to identify needs, address plan requirements, and exercise and evaluate the plan. PwC professionals worked with Territory officials, Federal agencies, Federal and Territory Emergency Support Functions (ESFs), and military officials to acquire the information needed to develop an effective course of action.

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Impact on client’s business

Through a collaborative process, PwC provided our client with the facilitation, research, tools, and templates to develop an All-Hazards Concept Plan and a scalable and adaptable Operational Plan focused on typhoon response. Together, the Plans contribute greatly to Guam's overall ability to prepare for and respond to a natural disaster and improve recovery time. The people of Guam will be the beneficiaries of this enhanced preparedness leading to a more effective emergency response.

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