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Emergency management case study: Haiti relief effort

On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake originated from eight miles below the earth's surface and struck the country of Haiti, home to almost 10 million people and the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

Client challenge

The earthquake and dozens of aftershocks were responsible for an estimated death toll of more than 230,000, hundreds of thousands of destroyed buildings, and left almost a million Haitians homeless. Without adequate resources or essential services, the Haitian government was unable to effectively respond and recover. As a result, the United States government provided aid and assistance to Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.

PwC was one of the first response teams activated following President Obama's disaster declaration. As a provider of logistical support to a Federal client leading the Haiti relief effort, PwC was called upon to track Federal assets and commodities being mobilized for transport to Haiti. Assets included hundreds of tractor trailers carrying life-saving commodities such as water, food, tarps/tents, blankets, and hygiene kits from various distribution centers around the country, bound for shipping barges at seaports throughout the state of Florida.

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PwC’s solution

PwC's support to the Haiti relief effort was part of an ongoing initiative to provide time-sensitive, mission-critical logistical services to our client. In this role, PwC supported the development of emergency preparedness and response processes, policies, and plans by utilizing the deep knowledge and expertise of its planning specialists in logistics, supply chain management, and emergency management. In addition to assisting the client in developing disaster response procedures, PwC also established a trained cadre of over 30 deployment personnel ready to respond to emergency events around the U.S. PwC's efforts culminated in the development of an extensive response plan to guide a range of disaster response activities, including a systematic approach for seamless logistical support.

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Impact on client’s business

As a result of these emergency preparedness activities, PwC's consultants were well-prepared to deploy within 24 hours of activation, and to maintain a high level of around-the-clock support at multiple surge sites throughout the Southeastern U.S. PwC's deployed personnel provided essential operational oversight, functional assistance, and strategic program surveillance with a focus on quality control and quality assurance of the logistical support program.

Once demobilized, PwC drafted an After-Action Report (AAR) to capture the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics management program. This report was submitted to various Federal stakeholders, presenting actionable recommendations to improve overall program performance. Through our ongoing support, PwC has since helped our Federal client implement many of these innovative recommendations, continuing to enhance the capabilities and overall success of the program into the future.

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