PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey

2019 results

With a strong economy, why are employees so stressed?

This year's survey results show more employees than ever admitting to being stressed about their finances. Cash flow and debt challenges continue to plague employees, inhibiting their ability to save sufficiently. Despite continued low unemployment and nominal wage growth, fewer employees feel their compensation is keeping up with the cost of living. We believe that employers will need to take a hard look at their programs to determine whether they effectively address the variety of financial challenges their employees are facing, while motivating employees to improve overall financial well-being and retirement readiness.

The Employee Financial Wellness Survey is a publication from PwC’s employee financial education and wellness practice. It tracks the financial well-being of full-time employed US adults.

Employee financial wellness

Financial stress

When asked what they feel causes them the most stress, more employees cite financial matters than any other life stressor combined.

Cash flow

Many employees are struggling to cover everyday expenses.

Life in retirement

The definition of retirement is changing, leading to longer periods of employment and a more gradual transition into retirement.

Financial guidance

Employees seek personalized guidance and coaching. Successful financial wellness programs find the optimal way to combine technology and human interaction to motivate employees to achieve their goals.

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