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The risk landscape is changing: Are you changing with it?

As a utility, you face a growing number of challenges, any of which can send significant risks in your direction. These include ongoing regulatory uncertainty, the introduction of new technologies, demand for leaner supply chains, and increased threats to energy infrastructure from cyber terrorists. Meanwhile, technology continues to increase the overall speed of business — and, therefore, of risk.

It’s clear that the risk landscape is changing. The risks you face every day are more complex, more interconnected and more difficult to manage than they were yesterday. What’s more, both the speed at which risk events occur and the extent to which they regularly spread have risen dramatically in the last few years. Risks that once seemed improbable or even remote are becoming “the new normal.”

Business leaders everywhere must now expect the unexpected. And in no industry is that more true than in yours.

Approaching risk holistically

At PwC, we understand that risk assurance is never a check-the-boxes exercise. And we don’t split risk up into separate compartments, because business doesn’t work like that. Our approach is to see and deal with risk holistically, bringing together our powerful capabilities in technology, finance, regulation and business processes to analyze emerging trends — and help you address them in advance.

So you can plan, forecast and make the informed decisions that can keep your business on track and your customers’ lights on. Here are just a few of the risk assurance services we can offer you:

  • Creating risk controls, or strengthening the ones you’ve already got so they better align with your strategy
  • Making sure you have the right internal systems to help you see risk clearly and assess the implications
  • Having the processes in place you need to report accurately and comply with all regulations
  • Giving your internal auditors the skills and tools they need to correctly anticipate risk

With proper risk management, everything you do can be clear and transparent to all your stakeholders. So you’ll be a business that investors, customers and partners can trust.

Consider the big picture

At PwC, we cover the full spectrum of risk. We look at your processes, policies, systems and controls with a fresh eye. We also bring into the mix regulation, IT and other projects, internal audit, data integrity, and third parties you work with.

And, as the majority of our 2,300 U.S. Risk Assurance practitioners maintain certifications relevant to their areas of specialty, we are able to focus on the details of your risks through the lens of a deep understanding of your industry.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve business resilience in an atmosphere of growing risk.

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