"Changing" Change Management: Three new approaches for power and utilities

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More than ever power and utility companies are seeing an increase in the pace of change. Companies must evolve to attract talent, maintain profitability and manage evolving customer expectations. Looking across the industry, most large utilities are actively involved in some type of major transformation – from improving the customer experience to modernizing the grid. In the face of these changes, leadership and employees must also evolve how they address change.

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Enabling change in your organization

The word “change” has long been a frightening scenario for employees, especially long-tenured employees who have mastered the processes and tools necessary to complete their current tasks. As power and utility companies take more steps toward evolving their business, change will be felt across the organization – from the back office to field operations. 

The traditional approach to change management focused on informing and training is no longer adequate to drive change at the rate necessary in the industry. The future of change management requires employees to experience the change by being part of it at every stage. If they build the change, they will own the change, and, ultimately adopt the change. 

From organizational assessments to engagement monitoring, together, we can enhance your change management strategy to position your organization for a successful tomorrow.

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