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Keeping the focus on strategic thinking and long-term value

Few industries are as sensitive to market pressures, commodity and capital-market volatility, regulatory constraints, and other factors outside a company’s control, as power and utilities. The operating environment you face is not for the faint of heart.

Yet in a constantly shifting landscape, deals are crucial to the long-term survival and strategic growth of many players in the sector. You may be seeking exposure to a growth market, needing to sell assets to fund other investments, or focused on restructuring and recovery. Either way, you need to extract maximum value from your transaction.

The legal, regulatory, economic, valuation, operational, tax and accounting issues related to a power and utility transaction are especially complex. The sheer scale of the investment need often limits the resources available for mergers and acquisitions. And when opportunities do come up for the right-size deals—the kind that offer good growth or portfolio fit opportunities—the competition can be intense.

Whether you’re considering a divestiture or carve-out, a merger or acquisition, a reorganization or a joint venture, it is critical to approach the process with a deep knowledge of the industry, broad multi-functional expertise and a robust understanding of the financial and other data requirements of prospective buyers, sellers and regulators.

Delivering value, from initial analysis to post-deal integration

Regardless of the size or scope of your transaction, PwC’s highly experienced deals specialists can help—with sophisticated structuring, valuation and financing advice at all points of the deal cycle.

We deliver value through quantitative analysis, rigorous implementation and leading edge structuring techniques, carrying out pre-acquisition due diligence, ensuring tax-efficient deal structuring as well as post-deal integration.

And, in a world where inter-company cross-border transactions are growing rapidly both in size and complexity, we have a strong international network of dedicated transfer pricing specialists with advanced training in economics, accounting, tax, law and project management, ready to help.

PwC’s focus, as always, is on bringing you value through industry-focused strategic advice and technical proficiency—so you can get back to running your business.

PwC’s power & utilities deals specialists: Supporting you every step of the way

With 1,200 deal professionals across 16 cities in the U.S.—and over 9,500 deal professionals in over 90+ countries—we’re able to deploy experienced teams with deep industry and local market knowledge, and technical experience, tailored to each client’s situation. In the U.S., we are the public accountants or consultants for more than 400 clients in the electric, gas, water and green energy sectors.

This diversity of clients provides us with a broad and deep understanding of the issues affecting the industry. And our field-proven, globally consistent, controlled deal process can help you reduce risks, progress with the right deals, and find the right solution for your business needs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you capture value—before, during and after the deal closes.

Trends in North American Power & Utilities Deals

PwC Deals Partners Jeremy Fago, Kenyon Willhoit and Rob McCeney take a look at the most recent North American power and utilities deals. In this report you will find the most recent quarter trends and highlights including value by the numbers and volume by the numbers.

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